Waterside Academy

School Uniform

 School Uniform

Daily Uniform

PE Kit


 Navy sweatshirt or cardigan (School Branded Option Available)

White polo shirt, cotton shirt or blouse (School Branded Option Available)

Grey trousers, skirt, pinafore dress

White or dark coloured socks or tights

Black shoes

Warm coat, hat and gloves for winter

Summer Uniform

Tailored style grey shorts

Navy or light blue checked dress

Sun hat (optional)



Plain Navy/Black shorts

Plain round-neck white T-shirt

In winter

Jogging bottoms and jumper in plain, dark colours.  No large logos please

Clean plimsolls or trainers


Other Items

Water bottle

PE bag

Book bag (small in size)


(Children are asked not to bring backpacks into school as we do not have enough room to store them)


School uniform suppliers


The suppliers below can provide our school branded items and other uniform.


Tylers Sports Wear


01707 396900


Options to buy from the shop or for delivery


Smarty School Wear


01707 263909


Options to buy from the shop of for delivery


Secondhand uniform is available to buy from the office.



Please note:    

    • Please label all uniform with nametags or markers which won’t come off in the wash.
    • Classrooms do not have enough space to store large backpacks, so a book bag is ideal. Alternatively, bags should have long, thin straps which make them hard to knock off a small peg.  Suitable bags are “messenger” style, drawstring or satchels.
    • All but the shortest hair should be tied back. Hair that touches the collar or a fringe that falls into the eyes should be tied up or clipped back.
    • Hair accessories should be practical for school and neutral in colour.
    • The school does not permit pupils to have “extreme” haircuts that could distract other children. This includes patterns cut into the hair, artificial colours or spiking.  The definition of an extreme hairstyle is at the discretion of the Head.
    • Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be plain and black, blue or white in colour.
    • All earrings should be plain studs. These will need to be removed for PE.
    • No jewellery is to be worn, except a plain watch, unless it is religious in nature and a parent has confirmed this. No smartwatches or fitbits are allowed.
    • No nail varnish is to be worn. Please keep nails short and practical for school.
    • Shoes should be practical for school. If trainers are worn as shoes, these must be entirely black.  No flip-flops, jelly shoes or boots are allowed.
    • The water bottle should contain water only. If a child is at risk from not drinking, flavoured water which is sugar-free and clear is permitted.
    • From September 2022, the old-style “Rowans” branded uniform should not be worn. Waterside Academy branded or non-branded uniform is acceptable.
    • The Head’s decision on uniform is final.

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