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Welcome to Early Years

Dates at a glance

New to Waterside Meeting Tuesday 27th June 2023 6pm - 8pm

Home Visits week commencing Monday 3rd July 2023

Transition Day Thursday 13th July 9.30-10.30am New to Reception, 2-3pm New to Nursery

Official starting date Tuesday 5th September 2023

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A menu of exciting activities for families in Hertfordshire with young children, giving them great suggestions for how to have fun and learn at the same time


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Starting School - Please explore these documents which outline school expectations and ideal starting points. This is to ensure your child is ready to learn when they start school.

 SECTION 45 Parent guide to home visits.pdfDownload
 SECTION 46 Book list to support transition.pdfDownload
 SECTION 51 Supporting your childs independence needs as they start school.pdfDownload
 SECTION 52 Transition supplement links to useful documents.pdfDownload
 SECTION 53 Top tips for parents carers with children starting school.pdfDownload
 SECTION 60 Countdown to school.pdfDownload
 SECTION 61 Before I go to school.pdfDownload
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Transition Activities

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 SECTION 57 Transition activities.pdfDownload
 SECTION 58 Getting ready for school leaflet.pdfDownload
 SECTION 59 50 Things before I start school.pdfDownload
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In Hertfordshire we believe that children who are school ready are happy, healthy, curious and ready to learn.

We know that children develop at their own pace and that you as parent/carers are your child’s greatest teacher. To ensure your children are supported in the transition to school life, we have come up with some ideas that may help you.

Visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/readyforschool for ideas that will help you and your child get ready for school.

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