Waterside Academy

School Development Plan

The School Development Plan (SDP) is a comprehensive document written by the leaders of Waterside Academy.

It is designed to help us structure our work so that the quality of education that our pupils have is continuously improved..

The governors, the school leadership team and I work together to write and then update the document regularly. 


This year we are focussing on three key areas:


Fidelity to subject leaders intent - to improve consistency across the school

More AfL - to improve connectivity between known elements of learning and address misconceptions

Outcomes in writing - preparing the children for the next step on their journey 


How do we know if our work is proving successful?

Senior leaders of the school regularly meet to discuss how well targets, outlined on the school development plan, are being achieved? 

More formally, we assess the impact of our work at the half-way mark and again at the end of the school year. We do this using a RAYG rating (Red, Amber, Yellow, Green).

These are then used to inform our Self assessment framework (SEF) - which is written at the end of the school year but updated throughout. 


National league tables for schools across the UK were released in December 2019. By way of comparison, we have looked at where Waterside Academy ranks compared to the other primary schools across Hertfordshire, which is typically a high-achieving county.

There are 481 primary schools in Hertfordshire - Waterside Academy ranked...

Reading Progress = 159th out of 481

Writing Progress = 210th out of 481

Maths Progress = 77th out of 481

Last year 64% of our year six pupils left for secondary school having met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths - which is in-line with national figures.





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