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Governors Day at Waterside Academy

Before the pandemic limited onsite activities for non-staff members or pupils...

Dear parents and carers,

We had a Governors day at the school on Friday the 29th of March 2019. It all started with an assembly and afterwards we saw Maths and English taught throughout the school. On my walk I was impressed by the engagement and focus of the pupils. Very hands-on lessons, good to outstanding behaviour. The majority of books were neat, and handwriting is much improved throughout the school. Children were eager to tell me what they were doing.

In early years the children were excited about a frog in their little pond and I saw some very nice sharing between a group of children while they were playing in the water area.

Children in year 3 who got their pen licence were very proud to tell me so. They were eager to start writing a story about a picture they had to describe.

In year 5 I had some very interesting discussions about the correct use of speech marks in a written text as well how to calculate the area of a figure. 

Maths in year 6 was taught in small groups according to their abilities. Mr Mills Bishop had a small cohort in his office where they were figuring out the result with the help of a graph. Later on in English they all played a game using active and passive sentences. Not an easy game to play as it turned out.

In year 4 the children had to use the cherry diagram to calculate times tables above 12. Since I didn’t know what a cherry diagram was they pupils explained it to me very well. In English they were very eager to let me see their description of an animal using a dictionary. I saw some very interesting describing words.

In year 1 the children sat on the carpet and learned how to turn a verb into a noun. The whole class was very involved in that learning.

Before lunch I went into year two as the last class I was visiting. Since it was reading time I sat down with some pupils and heard them read. I was very impressed with the ability to sound out the tricky words. And the children were very proud to tell me which reading level they were on. Well done!

When I asked the pupils of Waterside Academy if they preferred English or Math, I can’t really tell what there preference is. Both answers came up about the same amount. And no difference between boys and girls really.

I have to say a huge thank you to all the teachers and staff at Waterside for making us Governors feel so welcome. I had a fantastic time and I am very proud off all our children. They are putting a lot of work in their learning and their behaviour was excellent. Keep up the good work.

Monika Szita-Rimann

Chair of Governors


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