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Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Statement

Data Protection Policy

Reducing the Need for Physical Intervention Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Statement

Lettings Policy

First Aid Policy

School Medical Policy

Equality Duty Statement

Equality Duty Objectives

Accessibility Policy

Behaviour Policy

Preventing and Responding to Bullying Policy

Home/School Agreement

Attendance Policy

SEN Policy

RSE Policy

RSE Policy Video Meeting

Charging and Remissions Policy

Debt Management Statement

Debt Management Policy

Covid-19 Risk Assessment 

Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan 

Admissions Policy 2021_22

Admissions Policy 2022_23

In-Year Admissions - Apply here for an 'in-year' place at Waterside

Medical and Social Needs Form - to be used for 2021-22 and 2022-23

Proposed new admissions policy 2023_24 - for Consultation

Proposed new in-year admissions form - for consultation

Proposed new medical and social needs form - for consultation

Proposed new admissions outside of normal age form - for consultation

Complaints Policy

Complaints Form


Please note that paper copies (for all of the above) are available on request from the school office.


Note: Last academic year the total number of 'formal complaints as defined by our policy' was recorded as 'nil'.


Please also see...


Annual Report and Accounts for the Trust


Equalities Statement



Equality Targets:


Equality targets are designed to track progress for the Trust in meeting its equality objectives.

Area: Pupil achievement
Target: To reduce the disparity in outcomes in:
– Gender
– Disadvantage

Area: Equality of opportunity
Target: To ensure that there is equality of opportunity in
advancement for those staff with protected characteristics

Area: Impact of policies and procedures
Target: To improve the Trust's awareness of its impact on those with
protected characteristics










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