Mr T Mills-Bishop
Head Teacher

Rowans, Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, AL7 1NZ.
Waterside Academy is a business name of Agora Learning Partnership.
A charitable limited company, registered in England and Wales No 10290954
Registered Office The Orchard Primary School, Gammons Lane, Watford, WD24 5JW

01707 321203

Waterside Academy


Please note that paper copies (for all of the below) are available on request from the school office.
As part of the Agora Learning Partnership, Waterside has a number of policies which are relevant trust wide:
Note: Last academic year the total number of 'formal complaints as defined by our policy' was recorded as 'nil'.
Trust-wide statutory policies and documents
Equality Targets:
Equality targets are designed to track progress for the Trust in meeting its equality objectives.

Area: Pupil achievement
Target: To reduce the disparity in outcomes in:
– Gender
– Disadvantage

Area: Equality of opportunity
Target: To ensure that there is equality of opportunity in
advancement for those staff with protected characteristics

Area: Impact of policies and procedures
Target: To improve the Trust's awareness of its impact on those with
protected characteristics
Waterside Academy Policies:

Data Protection Link

Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Statement

Reducing the Need for Physical Intervention Policy

Relevant for those who already attend our school, but also for those looking to join, we have a very comprehensive staff 'safeguarding' team, who ensure the children are kept safe here within their educational setting but also beyond the school gates. 
I myself (Mr T Mills-Bishop - HT) work as the lead safeguarding officer (DSL) and I am very ably supported by three other members of staff who deputise in my absence and meet with me to discuss child protection and safeguarding regularly.
The three deputy safeguarding officers are as follows; Mrs G Powell, Mr S Sal and Mrs A Geaves. 
Should you have any concerns or questions regarding safeguarding, please do come and speak with us without delay.
Alternatively, feel free to e-mail me directly via - this is particularly useful at weekends and during the school holidays when the school is closed. 

Health and Safety Statement

School Medical Policy

Equality Policy Link