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At Waterside we use some of our Pupil Premium Grant to run additional 'nurture provision' for a range of pupils from across the school.

We do this because we recognise that 'not being ready to thrive' can be a serious barrier to achievement.

Mrs Woods is our nominated SEN LSA/Nurture Lead and Family Support Worker (she's a busy lady) and she works really hard to make sure the children are taught 'learning-to-learn' behaviours and that they are able to recognise and celebrate their achievements as well as see achievements in others, that can be used to further their own aspirations. 

'The Den' is the base for our Nurture Group and it can be found in the annex just off the Year One classroom.

Nurturing is about encouraging the development of a child in a safe, predictable environment and with a consistent routine. This allows are pupils to be make better progress and to be more successful. Through work within 'The Den' pupils understand our schools rule better and can help others to understand them too. 

At Waterside Academy we all strive to follow our Golden Rules

We let other children learn (respect)

We are kind (kindness)

We look after property (responsibility)

We keep ourselves safe (consideration)

We try our hardest (endeavour)

The Den is effectively structured to allow children to develop a broad range of social, emotional and learning skills.

Each session follows the same structure; it begins with mindfulness (which is consistent with our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum), followed by key skills and then child-initiated learning.

There are opportunities for both individual and shared play as well as social stories and activities. The children also enjoy a drink and a snack.

In addition to our regular 'nurture work', Mrs Woods also runs a 'nurture breakfast' which is paid-for using Pupil Premium Grant funding.

In conjunction with our regular breakfast club (and the nurture work that goes on during the lunch hour) we work hard to make sure children are always ready to attend their lessons and feel confident that they can be successful.

If you've any questions about this nurture work, then please do just ask...




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