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Waterside Academy

Governors Profiles

Our Governors work collaboratively as part of the school Leadership Team to promote and develop the school vision. Their role is strategic and responsibilities include: employing staff, managing resources, ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum, maintaining high standards, working effectively with parents and ensuring that the staff and children have a high quality working environment.  Our Governors work very hard for the development of successful learning at Waterside Academy and there are a variety of times during the school year when you can meet them.

A Governor’s time commitment is significant and they have a number of meetings throughout the year. They have 1 Business Meeting, 3 full Governing Body meetings and 6 committee meetings each year. All Governors belong to one or sometimes two Committees, either:

Resources (Personnel, Premises and Finance)
School Improvement (Pupils and Curriculum)

Governors are also linked to the School Development Plan and are encouraged to make several visits a year during the teaching day to talk to the children and staff, to informally observe teaching and learning and to learn more about the day to day work of the school.

The Governing Body provide strategic management and act as a ‘critical friend’ supporting the work of the Head Teacher and other staff.
Schools have a budget and the Governing Body is responsible for managing this budget. They  support the Head Teacher in deciding how many and what types of staff to employ, which type of equipment to replace or upgrade and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives. The Governors also have a role in monitoring the school’s progress.

The Governors do not get paid for their work at school – it is a voluntary role. People often apply to join the Governing Body because they are keen to make a commitment to their local community.

Anyone can become a Governor, some of our Governors work full-time, some part-time, and others are not in paid employment, but they all share one thing – a commitment to the children at Waterside Academy today and in the future. We welcome people with skills and expertise in particular fields, but the most important thing is having the time and willingness to work with the school to make it as good as it possibly can be.

Elections are held for new Governors as and when the need arises. Any parent or guardian of a child at our school is eligible to stand for election. You may want to talk to a current Governor if you would like to find out more about joining the Governing Body.

The Governors are pleased to meet with parents. You can contact them by emailing The Governors also attend our parent teacher consultations, plays, fetes etc. to meet as many parents as they can.


Click here to see photos of their visits.


Please visit the link below to see who the Governing Body consists of and what their role is:

Governors Roles and Term of office

List of Governor Pecuniary Interest

Attendance 2015/16

Attendance 2016/17

Attendance 2017/18

Attendance 2018/19


Governor Profiles:


Monika Szita-Rimann  Chair

I am a Co-opted Governor and mum of 4 daughters of which one is currently at Waterside Academy.  I have enjoyed helping the school in various ways since my oldest daughter joined the school in 2008.  I sit on the Resources Committee,  I am also responsible for the accuracy of the Website and for the training for governors. Furthermore I am a member off the Pay Committee and the Head Teachers Performance Committee. I work part time as an administrator in a small electrical company and in my spare time I am a very enthusiastic singer in a Barbershop Chorus called Welwyn Harmony.


Lorraine Robertson  Vice Chair

I am a Co-opted Governor and the Cook Manager at Waterside Academy.   I have been a Governor at Waterside Academy for a number of years now, during the time my children were here and since they have left.  I sit on the School Improvement Committee, the Pay Committee and the Head Teacher Performance Committee.  I am also the Link Governor for Geography/History, SEN, G&T (Gifted and Talented) and CAL.


Gillian White

I am the School Business Manager. I am very excited to have joined the School at its launch as Waterside Academy and to be appointed as Staff Governor. I have previously worked in two other local primary schools, and at a registered charity. I have three sons - a musician, a student graduated in International Relations, now studying law, and a graphic designer. I sit on the Resources and School Improvement Committee


Victoria Young

I am a Co-opted Governor for the school, I sit on the Schools Improvement Committee and I am the link Governor for Safeguarding, CLA and CP. I have three beautiful children, one is at secondary school and two in primary school. I have lived in Welwyn Garden City for nearly 10 years now, raising my family. I have worked in childcare & development, then moved onto working for a London borough in the children & families department. I currently work as the Family Support Coordinator for the Welwyn Garden City Children Center Group, based at Waterside on the grounds of the school. Pop in and say Hello!


Andy Davey

I have been a Co-opted Governor since May 2015. My wife and I are working parents with two children; both of them now in secondary School. I decided to become a School Governor as it was a way for me to contribute and support the children, parents and staff in a positive manner. I am the Chair of the Resources Committee and I am the Link Governor for Health and Safety, EYFS and Science.


Helen Turner

I've recently joined the team as a Parent Governor, from December 2016. I am a working mum of two, with my school age daughter attending Waterside Academy. I work part-time for the Home Office, undertaking research in science and technology, and spend my free days chasing after my toddler, who keeps me fit. I wanted to become a Governor to give something back to the school, as I feel my daughter has really flourished here and I'm looking forward to learning more about the school. I am the Link Governor for Data, GDPR and EYFS and I sit on the Resources Committee.


Coral Bamgboye

I've been an elected parent Governor since October 2015 and I am a mum of 2 children, both of who are school age and attend Waterside Academy. I am a working mum who is keen to support our community school in various ways and really enjoys the input being a school Governor provides. I am the Link Governor for Maths and I sit on the Schools Improvement, Pay and Headteacher Performance Committee.


Katheryn Wilson

I am very excited to have joined the Waterside Academy governing body as a Staff Governor. I am the Deputy Headteacher and currently teach in Year 2, managing Key Stage 1.  I have worked at Waterside Academy since September 2016 and have previously worked in a range of schools - from the private sector to extremely deprived. Since joining the school I have seen many positive changes and look forward to continuing our journey. I sit on the School Improvement Committee.


Governor visit the school:

 Academic school year 2018/19.

 Governors Day at Waterside Academy

We had a Governors day at the school on Friday the 29th of March. It all started with an assembly and afterwards we saw Maths and English taught throughout the school. On my walk I was impressed by the engagement and focus of the pupils. Very hands-on lessons, good to outstanding behaviour. The majority of books were neat, and handwriting is much improved throughout the school. Children were eager to tell me what they were doing.

In early years the children were excited about a frog in their little pond and I saw some very nice sharing between a group of children while they were playing in the water area.

Children in year 3 who got their pen licence were very proud to tell me so. They were eager to start writing a story about a picture they had to describe.

In year 5 I had some very interesting discussions about the correct use of speech marks in a written text as well how to calculate the area of a figure. 

Maths in year 6 was taught in small groups according to their abilities. Mr Mills Bishop had a small cohort in his office where they were figuring out the result with the help of a graph. Later on in English they all played a game using active and passive sentences. Not an easy game to play as it turned out.

In year 4 the children had to use the cherry diagram to calculate times tables above 12. Since I didn’t know what a cherry diagram was they pupils explained it to me very well. In English they were very eager to let me see their description of an animal using a dictionary. I saw some very interesting describing words.

In year 1 the children sat on the carpet and learned how to turn a verb into a noun. The whole class was very involved in that learning.

Before lunch I went into year two as the last class I was visiting. Since it was reading time I sat down with some pupils and heard them read. I was very impressed with the ability to sound out the tricky words. And the children were very proud to tell me which reading level they were on. Well done!

When I asked the pupils of Waterside Academy if they preferred English or Math, I can’t really tell what there preference is. Both answers came up about the same amount. And no difference between boys and girls really.

I have to say a huge thank you to all the teachers and staff at Waterside for making us Governors feel so welcome. I had a fantastic time and I am very proud off all our children. They are putting a lot of work in their learning and their behaviour was excellent. Keep up the good work.

Monika Szita-Rimann

Chair of Governors

Old Posts:

Clare Henry Our new English Link Governor

Dear Parents/Carers

On Tuesday, 1st November I visited Waterside in my new role as English link governor.  I spent the morning with Miss Wilson and Mrs. Tothill, finding out about what the school is doing to promote successful English learning for all our children.  It was a most enjoyable morning: I visited all the years during their English lessons, joining in Year 4’s learning about stages of a story, and listening to how our Reception children understand that letters make words on the front cover of a book in guided reading.  I was impressed with the displays in all classes, and how the alphabet then spellings are learnt and built upon rising through the school.  Extended writing, linked to curricular topics, is evident both in the books and on displays, and I could see how staff and children engage in dialogue about their work.  The updating of the reading books is impressive and I am sure you must have noticed the greater variety and quality of books in your children’s book bags.  I recently attended a reading comprehension meeting after school and it is good to see the school offering these after-school talks to parents about different aspects of the curriculum.  This is my first term as governor at your school and I am delighted by the committed efforts I see from all staff and children. 

Best Wishes
Clare Henry
English Link Governor

In the autumn term, parents voted for a new parent governor. Coral has been settling in well and has written to parents to give them an update:

 Dear Parents/Carers,

 So, after being elected as parent governor at the end of last year, I thought it would be useful and hopefully interesting to share a little about what being a governor at Waterside is all about. I know that sometimes it's not always that easy a role to understand.

Before I get started on what I've learnt and experienced in my role so far (albeit it still only at the start of the journey) - who am I? Outside of my school governor duties I have a couple of jobs including running my own health and wellbeing business and working as a Continuous Improvement Director for a corporate company in London. However, my passion is my kids (of which I have 2) and in the development, growth, experiences and opportunities for all children, hence my interest in being a school governor.

I have to admit that I wasn't really sure (even after having done my research before putting myself forward) what a governors role was. What difference would I actually make? How would I fit in it? What did I know about education? Well I can assure you I'm getting there! Since joining the governing body I've been supported by Mrs Reed, our Chair of governor Monika and all the members of the governing body to help with my understanding of a number of these areas. These include what school performance is, how I support with development of the strategic direction of the school, looking at ensuring we spend our money wisely as a school, reviewing our school development plan and ensuring we are pushing ourselves to drive forward in all aspects of our aims as a school. The operational day to day running is left to Mrs Reed and the senior teaching staff, not us governors, but we are very much involved in the overall direction of  the school and all key decisions.

I've attended some great training including learning about safeguarding children in recruitment, assessment and performance in schools and have some upcoming training in understanding data and understanding the role of governors in an Ofsted inspection. The governing body is made up from a variety of people including people from the local community, staff and parents all with a real mix of experiences to bring to the group. We meet as a full governing body once a term and then also meet within our subcommittee groups every 6 weeks. I'm part of the school development committee and the resources committee.

However, the thing I like best is being in the school, really feeling like part of it, visiting  the lessons, supporting with events, being available for people to speak to if needed. Each of the governors are linked with a specific areas and mine is Maths which means that I come and visit the school to understand more about what we are doing to support the development of the children across the school in Maths. I have a few visits coming up this month so looking forward to seeing all the good work that has been going on and the resources in practice.

There is so much I could say about this really interesting and enjoyable role. I'm excited to be involved in taking the school forward and look forward to the rest of my journey with the school.

Coral Bamgoye