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Welcome to Year 2

Class Teacher: Miss Micheli

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bone

School Council Representative: Ellie-Mae and Teddy 

Eco Team Member:  

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Our P.E. days are Thursdays. 

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The phonics taught at Waterside is delivered using 'Letters and Sounds' - this is true for phases one through to four. Phase five is supplemented using additional materials. Children are encouraged to read at school regularly and the books they read from are always matched to their current phase of phonological learning. When the children have 'guided' sessions new sounds, words and more challenging texts are used as their are adults leading the sessions who can question and stretch appropriately.  


Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and returned on Tuesday. 

Year 2 Spring 2 Term Home Learning Pack: Week 2

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Spring 2 Week 1 Home learning pack

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Year 2 Spring Term Home Learning Packs: Week 5 and 6

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Year 2 Spring Term Home Learning Packs: Week 3 and 4

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Year 2 Spring Term Home Learning Packs-Week 2

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Explanation texts 

 In English we have been learning about explanation texts. We first explored many explanation texts and identified their features. We then got a letter to create and design our own bridge for the future London. We had to create a leaflet to explain how our bridge works, what material will be used to make it and why. Afterwards we read the book 'A Planet Full of Plastic' by Neal Layton and created an explanation poster to explain to the world how to save our planet. 


In Geography we have been learning about OS maps and their purpose. We identified symbols on maps and compared different places with their similarities and differences. We found out that Welwyn Garden City had lots of golf courses! We then created our own OS map using OS symbols. 

Regrouping, regrouping. 

We've been busy bees in our first week of our Maths learning. We've been learning how to regroup (group a number in different ways) numbers from 1-20. We looked at the number 14 together and found so many possibilities!! 

Together at Waterside

 Welcome to Year 2! During our Together at Waterside project we've been learning about a contemporary artist- Matthew Willey. Matthew Willey is known to travel around the world creating artwork on murals, specifically bees. He painted 50,000 bees in total around the world to represent how many bees are in one beehive and to showcase how important bees are to the eco-system and to the world. 

As well as learning about Matthew Willey, we've been learning about the British values, our rights (children's right and why they matter) and the school's golden rules. 

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