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Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher - Miss Rogers

Teaching Assistant - Miss Sturmey and Mrs South

School Council Representatives:  

Eco Team Members: 

House/Vice Captains:

Sycamore -  






The 2022 Key Stage 2 Tests will be held in may 2022 - further details to follow.

PE: PE lessons will take place every Monday and Tuesday. Children will wear their winter PE kits to school on a Tuesday only.


Day 2 of activities were even better than day 1! Children have had an amazing time. We have been having some technical difficulties here today. More photos will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Day 1 activities were a huge success.  The children are having a wonderful time and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. After a (not so) restful evening, all are looking forward to the day ahead. 

We have arrived safe and sound. Everyone is looking forward to their initial activities. 

Remote Learning Spring 2 Week 2 (1st March 2021)

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Powerpoints - Please download but do not print

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Remote Learning Spring 2 Week 1 (22nd February 2021)

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Powerpoints - Please download but do not print

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Remote Learning Week 5 and 6 (Week beg: 1st and 8th February 2021)

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Powerpoints - Please download but do not print

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Remote Learning Week 3 and 4 (week beg: 18th and 25th January)

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Maths Powerpoints - Please download but not print

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Remote Learning Week 2 - 11th January 2021

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Remote Learning Week 1 - 6th January 2021

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 6th January 2021 Decimals - upto 2 decimal places - Video.urlDownload
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 7th January 2021 Understand thousandths - Video.urlDownload
 7th January 2021 Understand thousandths - worksheet.pdfDownload
 8th January 2021 Three decimal places video.urlDownload
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Together at Waterside

During our Together at Waterside project we have been learning about the artist - Bridget Riley. She is famous for her black and white paintings as well as producing a lot of Op Art. We used different methods to create our own black and white images. If you look closely you can see different shapes and patterns in our work.

We also explored the 5Rs and showed how they can be applied to multiple aspects of our learning. There has been a lot of reflection over the last two days to help us become more independent learners.

Hello and welcome to Year Six.

Our first topic is about being  Fit for Life which is a very important aspect of making healthy life choices.  Over the summer, we would like you to research staying healthy.

You may present your findings in any way you would like.  For example, you could take photographs of you exercising, create a food or exercise diary, a poster or powerpoint presentation about healthy life style choices or something more creative like a game e.g. Operation style - learning the body parts. 

As part of our responsibilities in year six, you will have the opportunity to become a house captain, vice house captain, sports ambassadors, Eco Team and School Council members. We will be presenting our speeches as part of Community Friday so that the children within the houses can have a democratic vote for their captain. Please write your speech in preparation to be recorded upon your return so these can be shared electronically with the other class bubbles. 

We look forward to sharing your ideas when we come back to school in September.


Enjoy your summer holidays.


Miss Wilson and Miss Sturmey

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