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Welcome to Year 5

Class teachers - Mr Craig

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Woods and Mrs Reynolds

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Children are to wear their full P.E kit (P.E uniform) to school on Tuesdays only. 



Remote learning w/c 1.3.21

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Remote learning w/c 22.2.21

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Remote learning w/c 8.2.21

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Remote learning w/c 1.2.21

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Remote learning w/c 18.1.21

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Remote learning w/c 11.1.21

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Hello and welcome to Year Five.

Our first history topic is about the Battle of Britain which was a very important event in World War II.  Over the summer, we would like you to research how World War II affected people living in Britain (the home front). 

You may present your findings in any way you would like.  For example, you could build an air raid shelter, create a ration book, write a recipe from World War 2, create a poster or a power point, interview someone you know who might have lived during World War 2. 

We look forward to sharing your ideas when we come back to school in September.


Enjoy your summer holidays.


Mrs McConchie, Miss Reynolds, Mrs Woods


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